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You are invited to join us for a one-hour Hunting Phones webinar presented each month covering a spectrum of topics focused on cellular technology.  Syndetix staff and our guest presenters are well respected subject matter experts with many years in law enforcement, the military and the cellular engineering industry.

As a show of appreciation, Syndetix is committed to providing no-cost, continuing education to those that serve and protect our nation!

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SIMULATOR OPERATIONS – From Planning to Finishing

CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR NEW LOCATIONS – please email if you are interested in hosting

Course Description: Hosted in partnership with Hawks Consulting LLC. this hands-on 5-day course is designed to provide Cell Site Simulator truck team members or aspiring member with the skills and knowledge needed to plan and execute successful cell site simulator operations as well as continuing education for current team members. The course will cover historical call detail record analysis, Pen Register Trap and Trace on phones and social media, electronic investigations, mission planning, operational considerations, and finding handsets using a finishing tool to increase your chances of success. A portion of the course will deal with cell site simulator trucks in an agnostic way, and one will be on-site for the class. Students will participate in a start to finish mission that culminates with hands-on experience locating handsets. This course is designed to help those detailed to cell site simulator trucks or those considering purchasing one maximize their chances of finding the phone by using all the information available to help locate the device.

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