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Syndetix offers a superior line of innovative products that enable mission critical success and are developed with the same level of superior technology we have come to be known for. Our technologies have shown real-world mission performance and success and are the tools of choice for military, intelligence agencies and law enforcement nationwide.

Our advanced product solutions, including direction-finding capabilities and a communications denial system, provide increased user safety, enhanced situational awareness and improved accuracy, all while remaining portable and easy to use. Scroll over images below for more information.


The Syndetix Hostile Emitter Angle Tracker Revised (HEATR) is a rugged, portable, direction finding (DF) system used to locate RF emitters. This second-generation technology provides step-by-step directions to lead you precisely to your target.


The Covert HEATR (C-HEATR) is ideal for covert operations as it is designed to fit in a pouch, backpack, briefcase or even your back pocket. HEATR and C-HEATR are the same internally and have the same capabilities, ranges and options. So what’s the difference? C-HEATR units are 50 percent smaller, do not have an external display or controls, and are instead controlled by an Android app.


The Syndetix CHAPS is an easy to use signal source that covers most commercial communication bands allowing for advanced preparation and evaluation prior to a mission so you can ensure your team is fully functioning before deployment.


The Syndetix Wireless Communications Denial Man Portable Jammer (WiCD MPJ) allows for easy setup and protective coverage within minutes for an enhanced level of operator safety. The system is capable of either targeting a broadband jam or specific bands, and antennas are included for omnidirectional and directional situations.


If you need more information on our products and services, please contact us for authorized access.

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